Top 10 Best Halloween Horror Nights House Haunted Houses of 2022

The Best Halloween Horror Nights Haunted Houses of 2022

The Best Halloween Horror Nights House Haunted Houses of 2022

The Best Halloween Horror Nights House Haunted Houses of 2022 One of the few matters scarier than Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is an international pandemic. That’s why I haven’t been to the theme park’s annual Halloween social gathering because 2019, was properly earlier than we’d ever heard of Covid. 2020 was once the first 12 months seeing that 1991 that Horror Nights didn’t show up (although the park did sooner or later open two of the deliberate haunted homes for that year), and a flare-up in Covid charges close to the quit of the summer season of 2021 stored me away from final year’s thirtieth-anniversary celebration. But with a couple of boosters in me, and society at giant simply figuring out that the coronavirus interestingly doesn’t exist anymore, I determined to courageous the teeming loads and screaming scare actors of Halloween Horror Nights as soon as once more this year. I’m absolutely happy I did.

Halloween Horror Nights, of course, is a night-time tournament that takes over Universal Studios Florida each and every September and October, presenting a range of haunted homes primarily based on each famous IP and unique thoughts from Universal Creative. Between the houses, at some point in the park itself, are 5 “scare zones”—open-air reveal with their personal creepy ideas and forged characters. (I’ll be rating this year’s scare zones in a separate piece soon.) It additionally consists of a stay stage show, a mild and consequences exhibit at Universal’s lagoon, and a various range of unique, horror-themed meals and drinks. It’s now not for the trick-or-treat set—the homes and zones can be legitimately frightening, and the movie-level make-up and distinctive results can make you suppose you’re surely searching at ground-up physique parts. It’s possibly pleasant for the younger or faint of coronary heart to steer clear, however, human beings who love horror films or are simply searching for a correct scare will probably dig it. I had no pastime in it in my opinion till the first time I went to one, and now it’s one of my preferred theme park occasions of the year.

This year’s series of homes consists of houses each acquainted (John Carpenter’s Halloween, the Universal Monsters) and sudden (pop megastar The Weeknd), alongside six authentic concepts. One of these original homes is the quality aspect I’ve ever viewed at Halloween Horror Nights. Which one, though? Read on to see my ideas on each and every haunted residence at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights this year. Meanwhile, you can discover ticketing and agenda records on Universal Orland’s website. Also, for all your West Coasters out there, be aware that Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights elements its very own lineup of houses; even when a residence overlaps between the two events, it’s now not assured to be the same copy. I’ve by no means made it out to California’s version, and have in reality no thinking about what these homes appear like this year.

Let’s begin it off with one of this year’s authentic houses, primarily based on a theme that Universal has explored a few instances now.

The Best Halloween Horror Nights House Haunted Houses of 2022

10. Hellblock Horror

The Best Halloween Horror Nights House Haunted Houses of 2022

Something I’ve seen from going to Halloween Horror Nights the remaining few years: the unique haunted houses—the ones created utterly by way of Universal Creative and now not primarily based on a famous film or TV show—are typically each the exceptional and worst homes of the night. There are generally 5 of these homes (this yr there are six), and the exceptional of them are some of the most amazingly designed areas you’ll discover in a theme park. The worst of them, though, are commonly forgettable—like Hellblock Horror. Set in Hellgate Prison (a most protective jail for monsters) in the center of a riot, it’s as every day as Halloween Horror Nights get, with random monsters popping out from each and every spot you’d anticipate them to. If you’re fully into this stuff for the cathartic thrill of getting yelled at by way of a horrifying beast, this may be one of your preferred homes this year. If you’re searching for special or remarkable graph work or a fascinating story, you’ll prefer to seem to be elsewhere. This is the closest HHN 31 receives to the straight-forward haunted homes that used to pop up in department stores lower back in the ‘80s, solely with a whole lot higher costumes and make-up and a tons greater budget.

9. Descendants of Destruction

Another authentic house, Descendants of Destruction suffers from the identical widespread lack of concept as Hellblock Horror. This one is simply a little bit better, though, due to a larger dedication to its theme and greater distinct theming. It’s the future, there’s been an apocalypse, human beings now stay underground, at least some of them have become cannibals, and you’re caught in a collapsing subway station alongside a total lot of them. (Yes, it has a moderate Fallout vibe.) Cannibalism is an ordinary theme at this Halloween Horror Nights (and likely at each Halloween Horror Nights) and Descendants of Destruction is about as grisly as it gets. Again, though, the story doesn’t virtually have any fascinating twists, and the residence itself doesn’t make almost as an awful lot of an effect as each and every different one greater on this list. It’s fine, however forgettable.

8. The Horrors of Blumhouse: Freaky / The Black Phone

Blumhouse is a dependable supply of each horror hits and Halloween Horror Nights haunted houses. This year’s Horrors of Blumhouse mashes Freaky and The Black Phone together, and it highlights two of the essential drawbacks to the Horrors of Blumhouse concept. First is that neither film receives a full house, which means they can experience a little rushed or abbreviated in contrast to the others. Second is that these homes are nearly constantly primarily based on rather current films (Freaky is from late 2020, The Black Phone is from until now this year), so if you don’t continue to be pretty contemporary on the horror world the residence won’t actually imply tons to you. That hurts the Freaky half of some distance extra in this case; it felt like an unexceptional slasher residence with jokes that didn’t absolutely land. The Black Phone 1/2 is a precise bit better, however, the storyline is nonetheless opaque if you haven’t viewed the movie. Still, that section of the residence (which is truly broken up into two exclusive structures this year, a first) is a good deal higher designed than Freaky; you’ll honestly sense like you’re caught in a dingy kitchen and moderately embellished bedroom in some small ‘70s tract home. Also, Grabber’s mask is notable and seems to be for a horror villain. The 2d half is some good, frightening fun, however, the first half didn’t without a doubt do something for me.

7. Universal Monsters: Legends Collide

Don’t worry each and every residence from right here on out levels between appropriate and excellent. It’s just that some are higher than others. Universal Monsters: Legends Collide has a cool story that pits three notorious movie monsters in opposition to every other, with the Wolfman and Dracula each conspiring to steal the Mummy’s amulet. For the Wolfman it would convey a remedy to his supernatural ailment; for Dracula, it would supply the capacity to challenge into the daylight barring bursting into flames, making him nearly unstoppable. (The Mummy’s motivation, meanwhile, boils down genuinely to “what’s mine is mine, losers.”) This house guarantees an exceptional victor each night time (although I will say there’s one monster that I’m especially certain won’t ever come out on top, based totally on how the story goes), which offers it a diploma of unpredictability even for humans who have been via it before. Set nearly absolutely in an Egyptian tomb, it boasts a couple of magnificent set pieces, an excellent story, and adequate leap scares to rattle even the sturdiest guest.

6. Spirits of the Coven

The Best Halloween Horror Nights House Haunted Houses of 2022

Spirits of the Coven is in the end my biggest disappointment at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights—and but it’s nevertheless virtually cool. It has the high-quality thinking of any of the authentic houses, and a putting that’s prosperous for each scare and the variety of distinctive set format and world-building that I love about theme parks, however, doesn’t thoroughly supply on either. You’re in Salem, Mass., in the 1920s, at the peak of Prohibition, and you hear about a speakeasy acknowledged for its lovely flapper girls. When you get there you shortly understand these flappers aren’t consuming hooch, however, feasting on the guys they entice in. Yep, they’re witches, and they’re draining the guys of Salem of their blood in order to keep the formative years and splendor of their historical witch queen. The residence starts offevolved you off in the speakeasy, which is sumptuously designed (if a little small), earlier than guiding you via hidden underground caves toward the witch queen’s unholy altar. You’ll meet an increasing number of historical and haggard witches along the way. Between the stunning speakeasy and the witch queen’s superb chambers, it’s book-ended with some top-notch design; in-between, though, lies a sequence of nondescript caverns and hallways. There aren’t ample flapper witches or sufficient time spent in the speakeasy itself, and there’s at least one scene that doesn’t healthy at all—a giant butcher with a grotesquely carved-up hog dwelling internal this secret witch cave. The story frequently receives subjugated to scares in these houses, however, it’s hardly ever as apparent as when you stroll previous that butcher. It’s a bummer, due to the fact Spirit of the Coven starts offevolved up with the such promise.

5. John Carpenter’s Halloween

The Best Halloween Horror Nights House Haunted Houses of 2022
The Best Halloween Horror Nights House Haunted Houses of 2022

It’s difficult to go incorrect with Michael Myers, the uncommon slasher icon who hasn’t devolved into something of a joke. Universal returns to John Carpenter’s unique film with a newly designed residence recreating some of the most iconic scenes in slasher history. (Does this residence have hedges? You guess it does!) As always, the hairs on the again of your neck will begin to upward shove on every occasion you see that masks or hear the first new notes of Carpenter’s theme. This residence has the one second that genuinely apprehensive me this year, even though it wasn’t the form of on-the-spot response scare you get from an actor leaping out and yelling at you; when I first opened the curtain to the closing room of the residence I felt real dread, the anticipation of concern as adverse to the response to it. Also, I don’t even recognize if she did many different horror movies, however simply as I consider the world in accepted desires extra P.J. Soles, Halloween Horror Nights desire extra P.J. Soles scare actors.

4. Fiesta de Chupacabras

The Best Halloween Horror Nights House Haunted Houses of 2022

This unique residence doesn’t have an idea as stimulated as Spirit of the Coven’s, however, it’s an awful lot higher at realizing its concept. It provides a realistic, lived-in house the place each and every room and element provides to the story. As a dumb white American, I have to admit a mild bit of unease at that story—a far-flung Latin American village invitations vacationers to an annual get-together in order to feed them the chupacabra, which can be considered as enjoying the adverse stereotype of overseas international locations and their residents (particularly nations that aren’t as financially well-off as the U.S.) being creepy, mysterious, and dangerous. I kind of stopped questioning about that as soon as mask-wielding murderers and cannibals had been yelling at me from each and every direction, though. This is some other intricately designed residence that believably recreates it’s putting with keenly discovered details and then packs it out with blood, gore, horrifying villagers, and even a few startling chupacabras puppets (or possibly animatronics?). I ought to completely see this Latin American village present in an EPCOT World Showcase pavilion.

3. The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare

Yeah, one of this year’s homes is based totally on a guy. If you’ve viewed the movies for The Weeknd’s 2020 album After Hours, you recognize that the singer, songwriter, and producer has an eye for visible composition and an idea for horror. After Hours Nightmare is loosely based totally on the movies to “Blinding Lights,” “In Your Eyes,” “Save Your Tears,” and “Heartless,” with a medley of songs taking part throughout, and a rapid detour to the reflect room from the artist’s gorgeous Super Bowl performance. It facets its honest share of grotesque imagery—at one factor an evil nurse dances sultrily with The Weeknd’s disembodied head—but it’s possibly the least horrifying residence of the bunch. It would possibly be low on scares, however, it’s a grasp type in design, the usage of sound, light, color, and the surroundings to create a dazzling, at instances overwhelming sensory experience. You don’t have to like The Weeknd’s song to respect how brilliantly designed this residence is—although it really helps.

2. Bugs: Eaten Alive

I didn’t recognize a haunted residence should be so hilarious. Bugs: Eaten Alive will no doubt traumatize everybody with a sturdy concern for insects, however, for me, this ‘50s set residence is one of the funniest matters I’ve considered in months. It turns the techno-utopianism of the 1950s—that faith that science and science can solely make the world a higher place—into a sci-fi horror fest that conjures up the real-life local weather catastrophe we’re presently dwelling through, whilst additionally packing in a lot of superb jokes and sight gags. Basically, a fancy new gadget that’s supposed to hold your house cool and power bugs away backfire, performing no longer as a worm repellant but as some type of worm performance-enhancing drug. These bugs get large and start to slaughter unsuspecting people in comically grotesque ways, all at some point of an alternate exhibit demo showcase that may as nicely be Disneyland’s historic Monsanto House of the Future. I can’t keep in mind the ultimate time I laughed as tough as when a giant, six-foot computer virus hopped out of a wall like the Kool-Aid Man and started out stomping its toes and waving its palms like a caricature character. These massive bugs seem like the Minor League Baseball mascots of the damned. Yes, this residence is surely disgusting and full of gore, physique horror, leap scares, and the whole lot else you seem for in a haunted house. It’s also funnier than any haunted residence has a proper-to-be, though, whilst searching simply outstanding throughout. I’m already unhappy that it’ll be going away perpetually at the give-up of October.

1. Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake

If Bugs proves how humorous haunted homes can be, Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake—hands down this year’s excellent house, and the first-class one I’ve ever considered at Halloween Horror Nights—shows how unhappy and lovely they can be. Set in a fading fishing village, it’s the story of one woman’s grief over the loss of her sea captain husband, and the obsession she develops with attempting to rescue him from the sea. An elegiac violin performs as we meet the ghost of her sunken husband haunting his favorite bar and proceed via ramshackle ships and boathouses. The waterlogged corpses of misplaced sailors attain out to us, with barnacles and tentacles overtaking their faces. In the single most spectacular visible at this year’s event, we subsequently see the widow herself standing atop the prow of a sinking boat, a ghostly determined taking part in the unhappy violin that echoes for the duration of the house. Finally, we pass by underneath the waves ourselves, the place we see greater useless lurking in the water and swaying lower back and forth above us. I’m now not exaggerating when I say that Dead Man’s Pier made me rethink the creative chances of a haunted house. It’s a gorgeously designed space, from the small New England city rectangular of the first scene to the decaying boats we stroll through, to that show-stopping second when you enter a clearing and see the widow enjoying her violin a ways above you. Remember what I stated at the beginning of this listing about how Universal’s unique homes symbolize each of their worst and nice work? Well, this is the best element they’ve created in the course of the few years I’ve long gone to Halloween Horror Nights and something that deserves to be an everlasting phase of the theme park’s lineup. It’ll be a tragedy to lose this so quickly. If you have any pastime in the artwork and graph of theme parks, you have to strive to go to Dead Man’s Pier earlier than it fades away.

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